Paying and keep paying the right people for the job, on your behalf

FRONTIER'S PR-PR offers the solution to the Public Relations and Pay Roll service challenges. FRONTIER's PR-PR service section is a professional entity within group offering a comprehensive range of PR and and Payroll solutions. We have built a solid reputation for the quality relationships, based on our service delivery; we have formed with both our clients and workers.

Your skilled associates are working . . . let us legalize & pay to them

Progressing with Payroll services , we enjoy the advantages presented by PR services division coupled with National Service infrastructure. This infrastructure supports the development and expansion of our company and enables us to concentrate on our core business: to provide an outstanding service characterised by the highest degree of commitment and professionalism.


FRONTIER's PR Payroll service is tailored for medium-sized businesses. It has been specifically designed to meet UAE's WPS laws and collaborate with international laws without any challenge. Complying with WPS process UAE laws is one of the largest problems for medium businesses. Our payroll service has no software licence charges or support fees. A monthly fee is charged to the services actually performed. The complexity of PAYE, industrial awards and the Holidays Act has demanded a smarter approach to wages than wage books, The tedious manual calculation of annual leave and holiday pay are automatically calculated for you and updated each pay period. With our FRONTIER's PR Payroll you can retire the wages book, and the trips to the bank, and spend time and effort growing your business instead. FRONTIER's PR Payroll offers a wide range of features including:

FRONTIER's PR Payroll frees up you and your staff from tedious manual wage preparation or having to deal with over-complex software and technology. For a small monthly fee per staff member FRONTIER's PR Payroll offers you an easy, proven, secure, payroll service. REPORTS Several standard reports are provided with the system.